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Summer Skincare Beautiful Skin A Two Pronged Approach

      Summer Skincare   With bouts of intense heat waves summer skincare becomes very important. I had a chance to concentrate on my Summer skincare this week! On Thursday I packed my son off for an overnight excursion at a local manor house. It is now used for respite stay for children with […]

Adapting your skincare regime to spring.

            Spring skincare: adapting your skincare regime for spring. Just like you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, It is time to consider the needs of your skin. Go lighter. Heavier creams and body butters are more effective when humidity drops during the cooler winter months causing the skin […]

Winter Skincare for Black Beauty

    Why and what you should change about your skincare routine in winter if you are prone to dry skin. Should I change your skincare routine in winter? The cold harsh weather affects our skin in a number of ways. Dryness is one. Generally there are many reasons why your skin can get dry and […]


Is your skin happy with your bedtime routine? This week it has become much colder all of a sudden and your face is bound to feel it. I work primarily indoors and can feel the effects of the central heating indoors and the cold wind when I go outside. Due to being sensitive our darker […]

How Mimi Got Into Organics.

HOW MIMI GOT INTO ORGANICS.   I was helping my son Matthew now aged 12 with his morning routine the other day. ‘Blow your nose Matthew’ I said to him, and he blew. ‘Wipe the left side’ and he did. HE ACTUALLY WENT LEFT! I felt a great sense of gratitude and pride in him […]

Uneven skintone

  UNEVEN SKIN  TONE   Dry skin is one of the major sources of concern for us all at some point. The epidermis (From the Greek epi, on top and derma, the skin) is the skin’s outer structure serving a protective function. What we see is the final result of keratinisation Keratinocytes are the main […]

Why you should incorporate a scrub into your skincare regime

Dry, Flakey, Ashy Skin? Dry skin is a major source of concern for most women at some point in life and often manifests as uneven complexion especially in darker skin tones. As our skin is continually being renewed, excess layers of dead skin can build up causing the skin to look dull and off colour. This […]