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#Naturalskincare for face cream

You get what you pay for, or do you? Umm, sometimes. Works for plumbing supplies don’t buy a cheap facias and soffits. They will soon need replacing! This analogy probably applies to a number of other consumer products but for #naturalskincare? Not so much.   #Naturalskincare care product prices can vary greatly. I am sure we’ve all […]

Herbal Facial Steam Bath

        Facial Steam Baths To prepare your skin for further treatment, you can open and cleanse your pores with facial steam baths. Rejuvenation and nourishment can be added by infusing herbs into the water so their benefits can be felt and enjoyed. Method For Herbal Facial Steam Baths Pour boiled water into […]

Deep Facial Cleansing Tips

The face is constantly exposed to the elements and being damaged by environmental pollution and air quality. The face is the only section of the skin which is exposed all year round. Therefore it is vital to take more care of the face than any of body part.Care for your face with this deep cleansing, […]

Formula Botanica Review

  This is a celebratory blog for me. Exactly a year ago I was busy setting up my website and getting ready to trade. My journey started when I realised that there was ‘no cure’ for my son’s autism. He seemed to be in constant discomfort with crying and meltdowns the order of the day. It […]

Rosehip Oil for Scars and Wrinkles

Rosehip Oil Research by Lorraine Dallmeier Rosehip seed oil underwent clinical trials in South America in the early 1980s, when a scientist at Hospital van Buren in Valparaiso, Chile conducted research on 180 individuals. This scientist was called Dr. Fabiola Carbajal Montiel. Her name is frequently mis-spelled on the internet and all sorts of different […]


This is Neem… Neem is a centuries old remedy for skin problems, with properties that promote skin rejuvenation, reduce symptoms of aging and is ideal for acne prone skin. Neem is an antioxidant that boasts over 1000 characteristics some of which are currently being studied. When combined with other natural ingredients Neem is an active […]

Welcome to mimis organics

We have created a luxurious skin care range using natural, food grade, cold pressed, organic quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Our skin care range contains a complete balance of vitamins, nutrients and rejuvenating properties for all skin types, with the purest ingredients for a head to toe pamper experience. So if you want to find an […]