Deep Facial Cleansing Tips

Rose oil for oily skin
The face is constantly exposed to the elements and being damaged by environmental pollution and air quality. The face is the only section of the skin which is exposed all year round. Therefore it is vital to take more care of the face than any of body part.Care for your face with this deep cleansing, detoxifying and moisturizing regime:

Deep Organic Skin Cleansing Routine

Step 1: Use a cleansing face oil on moist cotton pads to gently remove any touch make up – such as mascara, brow pencil and lipstick. Daily Cleansing oil

Step 2: Remove all traces of the cleansing oil with rosewater or toner soaked cotton pads. Rose adds and helps to retain moisture and is suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. Toner

Step 3: Cleanse the face thoroughly using a bi-­‐phase (water and oil) cleansing lotion or a cream cleanser. Work the cleanser deeply into all the nooks and crevices of the face. Take your time.Cream Cleanser

Step 4: Remove the cleanser with a muslin cloth moistened with hot water. Massage the cloth into all the nooks and crevices of the skin. Keep dunking the cloth into hot water, the heat from the cloth will help the cleansing process.

Step 5: Repeat the cleansing process with a facial polish (you can use maize meal mixed with a little oil so that is slides over the skin). This step isn’t mandatory but is good to use 2-­‐3 times a week or if skin is looking dull. Remove polish with the hot muslin cloth. Facial Scrub

Step 6: Swipe over the face with cotton pads soaked in rosewater (or other hydrosol of choice) to remove all traces of cleansing products. Toner

Step 7: Apply a deep-­cleaning facial mask and relax for 5-­10 minutes. Apply hydrosol-­soaked cotton pads to the eye area or your own brand of eye gel/serum. Cleansing Clay Mask

Step 8: Remove the mask with cellulose sponges and warm water.

Step 9: Ensure all traces of mask are gone then swipe over the face with hydrosol-­soaked cotton pads. Toner

Step 10: Pat the skin dry with a soft towel and apply your natural serum.Serum

Step 11: Once the serum has been left on for 15 minutes, gently press a tissue to the face to absorb excess oil.
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Formula Botanica Review



This is a celebratory blog for me. Exactly a year ago I was busy setting up my website and getting ready to trade.

My journey started when I realised that there was ‘no cure’ for my son’s autism. He seemed to be in constant discomfort with crying and meltdowns the order of the day. It soon dawned on me that it was up to me as his mother to change the status quo.

Research lead me to the discovery of a whole new way of thinking and looking at my son’s condition. Chemicals and other components were having an adverse effect on him. I changed his diet to a predominantly organic and natural one. In order to fully implement the change I decided to use natural / organic alternatives the whole family, but found that I was at times not impressed with the product quality and/or packaging.

Growing up my mum had always mixed creams and oils for us so I was open to making my own products. I looked around and attended several one day workshops, I was hooked and fell in love with formulating!! I wanted more and came across Formula Botanica then run by Star Khechara. I enrolled on my first course with Lorraine Dallmeier soon taking over, and as they say the rest is history.

The Organic Skincare Business equivalent to the Diploma in Organics Skincare Formulation course is a solid introduction leading all the way to how to utlimatley setting up you own skincare business and  is modular. I learnt the basics, skin structure and how what we put on our skin is absorbed. The correct foods to eat even recipes. It also explained the properties of oils and butters, their constituents and how to use them in skincare formulation. There were lots of recipes and exercises to build confidence . We also learnt about complying with EU regulations and how to launch and market your products.  I really enjoyed creating all the fabulous products. The course provided me with a solid base for setting my own business.

Armed with my qualifications and business start up skills, I went on to formulate my product range and launched last summer. The follow up and support from Lorraine and Formula Botanica has been exceptional, with regular updates and refreshers, Facebook Student and Graduate groups.

Today almost a year after it all became real I am celebrating a Gold Award for my Night Revitalising Cream from The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015!

My beautiful baby… my son who was responsible for all this in the first place is strong healthy and starting High School this September and is also more content than before. I too am content as I write this Formula Botanica Review which marks this particular milestone in my journey as Mimi’s Organic skincare so far!


Rosehip Oil for Scars and Wrinkles

Rosehip Oil Research by

Lorraine Dallmeier

Rosehip seed oil underwent clinical trials in South America in the early 1980s, when a scientist at Hospital van Buren in Valparaiso, Chile conducted research on 180 individuals. This scientist was called Dr. Fabiola Carbajal Montiel. Her name is frequently mis-spelled on the internet and all sorts of different facts float around about her study, so I wanted to share this incredible study with you.


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Neem a mulit purpose skin care ingredient


This is Neem…

Neem is a centuries old remedy for skin problems, with properties that promote skin rejuvenation, reduce symptoms of aging and is ideal for acne prone skin. Neem is an antioxidant that boasts over 1000 characteristics some of which are currently being studieneemd. When combined with other natural ingredients Neem is an active ingredient in reducing spots, freckles and pigmentation of the skin, melisma (more prominent in darker skin types), psoriasis etc., anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating and also has preservative properties which will work with other natural organic ingredients to increase robustness and increase the shelf life of products.

We aim to promote our products as a natural organic alternatives to skin care products targeted for use to combat symptoms such as liver spots caused by UV rays, skin pigmentation and reduce skin dryness in darker skin tones that are still being sold in certain public markets and shops. We have created a product that has proved to be effective in its intended use. Mimi’s Organics skincare range is created using natural organic quality, ethically traded raw materials. All our ingredients are sourced from registered suppliers and have verifiable integrity of origin and safety.

Neem History and Traditional Uses

According to the Indian Academy of Science, neem is the most useful medicinal plant in India, and has been employed since antiquity to treat leprosy, parasitic infections and respiratory diseases. Neem extracts are also taken as a general tonic to prolong life. All parts of the tree are used medicinally; the bark, neem oil (which can be added to ready made creams and oils) is from the seeds, while juice is obtained from the leaves.

Constituents and Effects

Neem extracts contain limonoid triterpenes, including nimbin, salanin and azadirachtin., which provides peer-reviewed medical information for consumers, notes that all parts of the tree contain beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent. Neem also contains amino acids, beneficial flavonoids and glycosides. The Indian Academy of Science asserts that neem features antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral qualities; it is also a potent antioxidant, helping to scavenge destructive free radicals. BSCAH notes that neem seed oil is rich in fatty acids. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that fatty acids have an emollient effect on skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines.


There is some scientific evidence supporting the belief that neem extracts protect against wrinkles. In a clinical study conducted by Esther Boelsma and colleagues and published in the May 2001 issue of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” researchers found that fatty acids, which are found in neem, provided some protection against ultraviolet light, the cause of photoging.….

Vitamin C Orange and tablets

Why your skin needs vitamins

It’s a sad fact that our skin begins the ageing process from the moment we are born. Unstable molecules, otherwise known as free radicals, start destroying connective tissues, elastin and collagen… and this destruction process leaves our skin dry, saggy and looking older than we want.

We all want younger, healthier skin – and vitamins can help us achieve a youthful complexion. Antioxidants such as Carotene, minerals like selenium and Vitamins A, C and E are all essential for your anti-ageing routine. Found naturally in many fruits, vegetables and oils they can also be found in good quality natural skincare products.

What causes our skin to age?

vitamins help prevent against polutionTwo of the main reasons why our skin ages are a lack of vitamins and the damage inflicted from free radicals. Free radicals are, in part, are spawned by environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke etc.

Why vitamins are essential

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, E and C neutralise free radicals, binding them together before they can cause damage to cellular repair. If you want to slow or halt this ageing process, you need to include them in your anti-ageing skincare routine. Providing an extra level of protection to our skin, vitamins supply our skin with additional help in correcting and renewing the upper levels of our dermis.

Look for the natural antioxidants

To increase the vitamin intake in your skin, look for skincare that contains Rosemary and Sage as they are highly active natural antioxidants. Other antioxidants include:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate) increases blood flow to your skin, counteracts inflammations and protects cell membranes. Vitamin A is ideal for dry, ageing and lifeless skin. It is also great for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and is commonly used in good quality anti-wrinkle creams.

Vitamin CVitamin C

Vitamin C, naturally found in fruit such as oranges assists in collagen formation. It also boosts your skins natural antioxidant protection – however, our body cannot store it, so we need to add it to our skin daily to truly benefit from it. Look for serums that contain Vitamin C and apply regularly to your skin. An additional benefit of Vitamin C is its ability to help naturally lighten your skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin e (Tocopheral) protects your skin against the side effects of radiology, exposure to sunlight or heat and UV rays; which reduce elasticity and create wrinkles. Vitamin E also assists in increasing the rate of skin growth as well as your circulation. Good quality anti-wrinkle protection (such as our own anti-ageing range) will consist of food grade Vitamin E.

Now you know how important vitamins are to your skin and the anti-ageing process, how many products do you already own that have essential vitamins in them? Were you surprised by your results? What one step can you do to increase those vitamins? Why not share your thoughts and opinions by clicking on the comments section above this post?

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oily skin woman

Oily skin and the myths that keep you oily!

Blemishes and blackheads are often associated with teenagers however, in reality though they can plague anyone; from puberty through to the older generations. Anyone who has oily skin will know the stress of having blackheads, blemishes, enlarged pores and a shiny complexion.

Those who have an oily skin type will know it can get worse with stress and in humid conditions; however there is also a lot of misinformation and myths around oily skin too, leading to further disappointment and a deeper wish to have a clearer complexion.

oily skinHere are the top three myths associated with oily skin, along with the reality of what you can do to improve your complexion and take a step nearer to clearer, calmer skin.

Myth 1: Mineral Oils are good for you

In reality, your skin cannot absorb mineral oils, as the molecules are too large – so it will sit on the surface layer of your skin, making it feel and look… oily or greasy.

Myth 2: Don’t use oil on oily skins

ALL skin types need fat and oil – INCLUDING oily skin. The secret is to use drier thin oils, so look for facial serums that contain:

  • Thistle – which is great for large pores
  • Rosehip – for its scar-healing properties
  • Evening Primrose Oil – as this is easily absorbed by the skin.

Rose oil for oily skinMyth 3: You need a strong toner for oily skin.

Women with oily skin tend to believe they need a strong toner to rid their skin of oil – and leave it feeling taut and smooth. In reality though, this tight tingly feeling is a direct result of irritation and dryness!

Oily skin can still be sensitive, so look to use these natural oils:

  • Jojoba – a cleansing long, soft oil that forms a protective layer over your skin. Combine it with…
  • Castor oil – a soft short oil for cleansing and illuminating your skin – rather than using harsh chemical soaps.
  • A Combination of hydrosols will make a good mild toner.

Finally, as with any complexion, you cannot beat the use of the right type of ingredients for your skin type – and the best ones for your skin are both natural and organic. So follow the reality of these three myths and you’ll be on your way to clearer, calmer and less oily skin.

How do you manage your oily skin? What myth most surprised you and what one step will you take to change this? Why not share your tips and advice in the comments section – just click on “comment” at the top of this post!


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